Ku Shen

These young straplings will grow to be 5 foot bushes, so hopefully by the time I need the space and land it will be obvious!

Chinese Herbal Medicinal
Chinese Therapeutics: Clears Heat and Dries Dampness, Dispels Wind, Kills Parasites, and Relieves Itching, Promotes Urination
Not to be used in patients with Spleen and Stomach deficiency and cold.

Pharmacological Effects:

Antiarrythmic – especially if induced by excess adrenaline or aconite poisoning.

Cardiovascular – blood vessel dilatorImmunostimulant – increases WBC in mice studies

Antibiotic – against B.dysenteriae, E. coli, Bacillus proteus, beta-hemolytic strep, and S. aureus

Antiparasitic – against trichomonas

Respiratory – stimulates beta receptors

The root is used medicinally