Mobile Concierge Acupuncture

Currently Available on the Southern Oregon Coast
Acupuncture can be helpful for alleviating pain, physical and emotional, stress-related and chronic conditions, improve sleep and digestion, modulate the immune system, relax the body and mind, and lift mood. Often several acupuncture treatments received relatively close together is the most effective method to obtain optimal results.
In Your Workplace, Assisted Living Center, Hotel, Resort or Home


In your workplace, retirement or assisted living center, hospital, hotel, resort or home…

After scheduling your appointment, registering, completing your initial paperwork, and initial COVID19, our licensed acupuncturist will schedule a 30 minute telephone consult the day before your treatment appointment to discuss the treatment plan, and will then come to you at the scheduled appointment time, and will assess and treat you in place, in the convenience and comfort of your space. Treatments can take place in a reclining or office chair, on a couch, or bed. If there is a need for a treatment table, there is a small additional fee.

If two or more individual treatments are scheduled back-to-back in the same location, there is a service fee reduction of $20 for each treatment during that visit.


Community and healing are both greatly enhanced through group acupuncture. There are two types of group acupuncture sessions available. The first involves full body treatments which include an intake, evaluation and treatments using acupoints below the knees and elbows, on ears and head. Patients remain fully clothed in loose clothes. Once placed, the needles are retained for 20-25 minutes while patients rest in community setting.

What we need you to provide: warm, quiet, clean space where patients can be seated 6 feet apart, chairs (office, recliner, or upright) or treatment tables if available.

The other group session available involves ear only, or auricular, acupuncture. Auricular acupuncture involves an abbreviated consent, very brief intake and up to 5 needles, tacs, or seeds placed in one or both ears.

Each type of session has a different requirement and fee structure depending on the size of your group as outlined in the right column.

For auricular acupuncture, we need for you to provide the space, chairs that can be placed several feet apart, either around a table or in a circle, depending on the space available.

Regarding COVID19:

Your practitioners are fully vaccinated and will be following healthcare setting infection prevention and masking requirements.

MASKS ARE REQUIRED to cover the mouth and nose at all times during your treatment.  Please do not remove or pull your mask down for ANY reason.

CLOTH OR MEDICAL MASKS ONLY, No bandanas, neck gaitors, valve masks, scarves, or face shields (alone) allowed.

You will be screened for symptoms and have your temperature taken before treatment. Please call to cancel your appointment with as much notice as possible if you have been in recent close-contact with someone known to have COVID-19, or are personally exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Likewise, your acupuncturist will also reschedule if he or she is exposed or becomes ill.

Regarding Payment: Billed and payment collected at time of service via Square. Once payment is received after COVID19 screening, treatment(s) will begin.


75 to 90 minutes: $200 Appropriate for first treatment, and subsequent treatments with additional modalities (cupping, moxibustion, 2nd set of needles, or additional instruction for home self-care)

45 to 60 minutes: $140 Appropriate for follow-up treatment, one set of needles.

Multiple Discount For back-to-back individual treatments scheduled in same location, there is a $20 discount on each treatment

Full Body Treatments

Groups of 4 (minimum) to 7 (1 to 2 hours): $70

Groups of 8 to 12 (2 to 3 hours): $65

Groups of 13 plus (3 hours, plus): $60

Auricular Only Treatments

Groups of 5 (minimum) to 8 (45 to 60 minute session): $30 each

Groups of 9 to 15 (60 to 75 minute session): $25 each

Groups of 16 plus (minimum 90 minute session scheduled): $20 each


Please complete the form to request a PREFERRED day and time slot and indicate the type of appointment and how many participants. We will respond to your request within one business day.

all new patients need to complete the paperwork required through the patient portal, link can be found below. (541) 246-9222