Herbal Medicine

S.P. – Denver

Stephanie is incredibly educated and intuitive with her practice. She healed many of my family members in the Denver area of allergies and ailments.

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At LyonHeart Wellness and Apothecary there are several ways to access the healing effects of herbal medicine, including Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic and Western herbs.

Stephanie has used medicinal herbal formulas with her patients for 20 years.

Comprehensive medicinal herbal consults are available to you to evaluate the best herbal formulas for your optimal health. If there are Western pharmaceuticals on board those will be part of the consultation and recommendations, depending on your goals, including a thorough evaluation of any important herb-drug interactions for your greatest safety and efficacy.

Herbs and herbal formulas are available for an additional cost, depending on your preferred dosage form (raw dried for decoction – with instructions, tinctures and mixtures, granular, capsules and teapills).

Initial Comprehensive Herbal Evaluation – (Local and Remote Available)

Complete a thorough health history intake which include your health goals, and meet with Stephanie for the evaluation to determine your best formula. She will have your recommendation to you within 24 hours of this appointment and can order and create the herbal formula for you, if desired, for an additional fee.

Initial Comprehensive Herbal Evaluation with Pharmaceutical medication check (Local and Remote)

As above, plus an herb-drug interaction check and evaluation. Herbal products and preparation are an additional charge.

Herbal Preparation and Detailed Instructions – Prices vary depending on formula, dosage form, duration of treatment, and cost of herbs.

We also offer a light and energized Sacred Mountain Blend and Sacred Mountain Evening Blend of detoxifying and adaptogenic herbs.  These formulations are very lightly dosed, energized through sound and light vibrations, as well as Reiki, and are designed to assist your energetic system adapt to the rapid shifts and changes in our world.  Sacred Mountain Blends will help consolidate your energy, ground you, and help you feel less frazzled, rest better, and feel more energized in general.  

To date, we have had great feedback from those who are trying these light blends.  Sacred Mountain Blend daytime formula also contains some tonic herbs, and the evening formula is less energizing and more harmonizing than the daytime formula.  
Price: Per 30 day bag of either formula (light and energized dosing):  $25.  For daytime and evening Sacred Mountain Blend (2 bags):  $40.  Delivered if in the Denver area, or they can be shipped for an additional fee.

Medicinal Herbal Workshops – Online for now and In person when appropriate. Upcoming workshops will be listed here.

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