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Healthy Sleep Workshop, SACRED MOUNTAIN HERBAL BLEND, and more!

I continue to take appointments for Pharmacogenomics and Nutrigenomics: DNA testing and consulting for how your genetics can affect your medication use, nutrition, movement, stress-response and more.  I greatly appreciate your positive response to this exciting new offering and great way to learn much more about yourself and your health and optimize your medication and nutrition options.

I am offering a workshop (1 hr)  this coming Thursday, October 22, 6pm MST.  The topic is Healthy Sleep,  Join us for a bit of sleep history, information on commonly prescribed medications, and natural and integrative methods for getting the best regenerating sleep possible.  Workshop fee is $15.   I look forward to seeing you!  You can register and save your space in this virtual and live seminar here:  Once you’ve registered, I will send you a link to participate.

Other news and offerings: I’ve created a light and energized Sacred Mountain Blend of detoxifying and adaptogenic herbs.  These formulations are very lightly dosed, energized through sound and light vibrations, as well as Reiki, and are designed to assist your energetic system adapt to the rapid shifts and changes in our world.  Sacred Mountain Blends will help consolidate your energy, ground you, and help you feel less frazzled, rest better, and feel more energized in general.  

To date, I’ve received great feedback from those who are trying the light blend.  Sacred Mountain Blend daytime formula also contains some tonic herbs, and the evening formula is less energizing and more harmonizing than the daytime formula.  
Price: Per 30 day bag of either formula (light and energized dosing):  $25.  For daytime and evening Sacred Mountain Blend (2 bags):  $40.  Delivered if in the Denver area, or they can be shipped for an additional fee.

I’m posting a link to my new Integrative Cardiac Rehabilitation meditation;  More integrative meditations to come, including custom meditations tailored to your specific concerns.
The COVID19 Recovery meditation is available for free and widespread use for all of those who are experiencing either acute or long-term post-viral symptoms.  Please share with those who may be interested.

I hope to “see” you on Thursday at the seminar.   Meanwhile, please have an amazing week and please let me know if and how I can be of service.