Ku Shen

These young straplings will grow to be 5 foot bushes, so hopefully by the time I need the space and land it will be obvious!

Chinese Herbal Medicinal
Chinese Therapeutics: Clears Heat and Dries Dampness, Dispels Wind, Kills Parasites, and Relieves Itching, Promotes Urination
Not to be used in patients with Spleen and Stomach deficiency and cold.

Pharmacological Effects:

Antiarrythmic – especially if induced by excess adrenaline or aconite poisoning.

Cardiovascular – blood vessel dilatorImmunostimulant – increases WBC in mice studies

Antibiotic – against B.dysenteriae, E. coli, Bacillus proteus, beta-hemolytic strep, and S. aureus

Antiparasitic – against trichomonas

Respiratory – stimulates beta receptors

The root is used medicinally

An Update on Services through LyonHeart Wellness…

I sincerely hope this note finds you very well and healthy on all levels.  In these times with so many challenges and concerns, I offer the greatest energy, support, knowledge, coaching, and evidence-based integrative medical information through my services for all of us to navigate through the rapid changes.   I’ve recently returned to Colorado, in the West Denver area, after a several year journey on the Oregon Coast and am eager to reconnect and serve.

I am reaching out to update you on the services I have available both locally, safely, in-person, and virtually, via telephone or video, to those who are at a distance or local wishing to remain distanced.

For those who are local, I offer a Concierge Mobile Acupuncture (or Colorpuncture) services where I come to your residence or workplace for your treatment.  COVID19 Screening will be in place and all paperwork and most of each intake will be completed by phone or video the day prior in order to minimize close contact.  During the in-person portion of your appointment, I will wear a mask, and use gloves during your treatment, per the guidelines for acupuncture practice.  Outside of the West Denver Metro area, and still in Colorado, there is an additional travel fee.  If two or more of your immediate household members are treated in the same visit, then the travel fee is waived, and if within the West Metro Denver area, there is a small discount for all treatments for multiples.

Those of you who are local and wish to remain physically distant, and for those who are not local, even in other states, I have a variety of services available, including some exciting new offerings.

I am available for via telehealth, video conference and telephone for the following services:

Traditional Chinese Medicine Opportunities:

Self-care Acupressure Intake and Instruction, may include diagrams of points specific for your chief complaint.

Chinese Herbal Intake and Prescription Formulation – herbs are additional charge and can be delivered, if local, or mailed, if not.  Herb-drug interaction checks will be done for those who are taking pharmaceuticals, or even other herbs.

Integrative Pharmacist Services:

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) – Comprehensive and targeted medication reviews to help increase patient knowledge of medications, optimize therapy, increase adherence to medication regimens, reduce polypharmacy, and spot potential dangerous interactions amongst medications, supplements, disease states, and food.  MTM can also be directed toward prescription medication de-prescribing, or taper, of opioids, benzodiazepines, and other medications, always in collaboration with the prescriber(s).

Integrative Wellness Consults – Optimize your wellness through evidence-based integrative practices, including nutrition, activity, stress reduction, botanical, supplemental recommendations, and referrals based on your individual circumstances and health concern and possible current medication regimen.  Recommendations will be shared with your healthcare providers at your request.  This involves thorough intake, including all medications, supplements, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life, implementing your individual health goals and interest and willingness to engage in integrative therapies to optimize wellbeing.

Pharmacist Quick Questions** for those burning pharmacist questions.  I will research the evidence on a drug, herb, food, supplement, and illness, including interactions and other specific medication, herbal or supplement information that is not related to specific patient information.

**If your questions are more involved and personal, Medication Therapy Management or the Integrative Wellness Consult will be more appropriate services.

Lifestyle Modification Coaching – There is no time like the present to begin that path to being the healthiest you that you can be!  I will be your partner in facilitating the development of a personalized workable plan with regular follow-up supportive appointments for a period of time.  There are discounts for these grouped pre-paid packages of appointments.  Reduce, or possibly eliminate, the need for prescription medications, in weight loss, diabetes control, hypertension, anxiety, stress reduction, depression, better sleep and others.  These programs are tailored to each patient, and can include group education and support in common areas such as nutrition, movement training, mindfulness training, stress reduction, good sleep hygiene and more.

Pharmacogenomic and Nutrigenomic Testing and Interpretation of Your Results – Discover how your genetics affect your potential responses to medications, nutrition, activity, stress, and devise a plan (in collaboration with your provider for medication results) for further streamlining your nutrition, movement, and other fitness goals.  Access to DNA testing, and result communication and consultation with providers and patients to help streamline recommendations for optimized wellness.

Other Services:

FullScript Apothecary for high quality recommended supplements.  There is no additional fee for pharmacist questions and recommendations on products through FullScript ordering.

Online Scheduling for Services or contact me at Consult@LyonHeartWellness.com if the service you are seeking is not listed in the schedule.

Distance Reiki Treatments and Training for Students – often even more powerful than local hands on healing

Satori Coaching – a 16 week individualized and one-on-one  journey diving 4 weeks into each area of your life:  Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.  Includes a book and DVD.   Includes weekly 45 minute meetings via telehealth for facilitation.

Other Coaching Services Uniquely Designed for and with You

Individualized AcuMeditations and PharMeditations – either “live” via video conference, or recorded for your ongoing personal use.

Follow The Darkening of the Light:  A Girl Gone Rogue to support the unfolding story.

Two Options for Payment of Service Fees:  

  1. Pay-per-service. Payment is required at time of service.  No insurance is billed.  A superbill for acupuncture and pharmacist services can be supplied upon request for your submittal for insurance reimbursement.  I highly recommend checking with your insurance company prior to your first appointment to see what is covered and if they will reimburse via superbill. Payment is required at time of service.

    There are package options for Lifestyle Modification and Quick Questions.

  2. Concierge Membership  Service with a minimal (1 hour for patients and clients, or 4 hours for medical practices) monthly retainer ($150/month or $600/month) for my services which allows prioritized access to consult with me on Quick Questions and to information and products (including meditations and more) and resources I have made available at the website membership page. The monthly concierge service also includes access, for no additional fee, to any workshops offered during that month.

The retainer is equivalent to one hour of service time in a given month and can be applied to any of the above listed services applicable to your location.  Each service has a specific “hour equivalent” allotment, i.e. a mobile acupuncture treatment is billed at 0.75 hr (for 45 minutes).  All hours of service rendered over this 1 hour (or 4 hours for healthcare practices) monthly retainer, are tracked, documented and billed monthly by 15 minute increments, with payment due in full when billed.  I have further information available for concierge services for healthcare practices and what that entails.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my services or how I can assist you on your health journey.  I greatly look forward to collaborating with you in support of your greatest well-being!  If you are not currently in the market for these services, I greatly appreciate your passing along my information to those who may be.

In Greatest Health and Gratitude!