Infinite AcuMeditation or PharMeditation


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AcuMeditations and PharMeditations are designed for use in a peaceful setting, either seating, feet flat on the floor or lying in a supine (eyes up) position, unless indicated otherwise.  Due to the nature of these treatments and music, driving while listening to them is not recommended.

The acupoint drawings may be used as guides during the visualizations.  It is helpful to study the specific points prior to experiencing the AcuMeditation.

The AcuMeditations utilize guided visualized light in each of the acupoints.  Each point can also be lightly touched with a gemstone, a finger, a recommended essential oil, or other non-invasive object to enhance the visualization.  Actual insertion of needles or puncture of the skin is only to be performed by a licensed acupuncturist in a clinical setting.  Each AcuMeditation lasts approximately 25-30 minutes.

AcuMeditations are great adjunct therapies between actual acupuncture treatments.  They are designed to empower the patient or client remembering access to their self-healing powers.

For Live or Personal Recorded Meditations, please schedule your session or consult at:

AcuMeditations and PharMeditations can be customized for particular client issues. Stephanie can write an AcuMeditation or PharMeditation (or a combo!) Script for your specific concerns, with an option of using the frequencies of your own voice.  The music can also be customized, or one of our pre-recorded meditation sound sequences can be used.


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