Pharmacist Consultations

All consultations can be in person in the Denver metropolitan area or virtual via phone or video.


Integrative Pharmacist Consultations

Medication Therapy Management combined with Evidence-based Integrative Medicine

Optimize health by utilizing evidence-based integrative modalities into your health regimen. Whether you or your patients are taking a plethora of medications to manage health, or none at all, the Integrative Wellness Consultations provide valuable information and guidance for optimizing your or your patient’s health and wellbeing through nutrition, movement, stress management, mindfulness based techniques, and more, including referrals.

Medication Interaction Checks

Pharmaceutical-Herbal-Health Concern-Nutrition

Everything taken in has the possibility of interacting with other substances.

“Quick Question” Pharmacist Consult

A quick question does not involve specific patient data unless it is in reference for an established patient. Some typical Quick Questions look like:

“What are some evidence-based herbal remedies to help boost my immune system?”

“Is ashwaganda safe to take with Zolpidem?”

“What are the integrative medicine recommendations to help through a COVID19 infection?”

For more in-depth and patient-specific questions, a comprehensive (and targeted) medication review is more appropriate.

Lifestyle Modification Support and Coaching

weight loss, diabetes and hypertension management, immune health, tobacco cessation, detoxification, and more

Single meeting consultations, as well as ongoing weekly or monthly supporting desired lifestyle modification.

Individual and group sessions and workshops are available.

Medication Therapy Management

Comprehensive and Targeted Medication Therapy Reviews

For patients or for providers on behalf of patients who require a comprehensive review of all medications, herbal products, supplements, lifestyle, and more, includes recommendations to the patient and provider for medication (including herbal and supplement) adjustments, drug interactions including duplicate therapies, insuffient therapy, adherence and recommendations with support for lifestyle modifications.

Prescriber-driven Medication Tapering

and De-Prescribing

Opioid, benzodiazepine, and other medication, tapering support and consultation through evidence-based integrative medicine modalities (acupuncture, acupressure, mindfulness training, lifestyle modification, nutrition, movement, breathwork, and more) combined with pharmacist best practices.

Every individual is unique in their needs, hence a program is tailored to your or your patient’s needs.



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