Pharmacogenomics & Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenomics (NGx): the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease. The NGx services through LyonHeart Wellness are integrated into Lifestyle Modification and Integrative Wellness appointments.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx): the branch of genetics concerned with the way in which an individual’s genetic attributes affect the likely response to therapeutic pharmaceutical drugs. PGx services through LyonHeart Wellness are integrated into Medication Therapy Management appointments.

Both NGx and PGx are aspects of Precision Medicine that is evolving to help align patients and providers with information about their individual potential responses to components in nutrition, stress response, movement or pharmacological medications. This information is used for optimizing wellness health outcomes based on your inherited susceptibilities and your personal wellness and treatment goals, as well as to help minimize adverse effects of specific medications.

Steps for NGx and PGx Services Offered through LyonHeart Wellness:

  1. NGx or PGx Initial Consult: Includes DNA Panel Selection, providing DNA testing kit, collecting the sample (cheek swab) and sending it to the lab. At this point you will pay for the genetic testing and the small initial consult fee. If you are not local, there is a drop ship, self-swab and tele-consult option.

2. NGx or PGx Results Consult: When results come in, generally 2-3 weeks later, we will have a consultation appointment to go over your results, either in person or via telephone or video conference. Consults will include analysis of results plus recommendations related to your health goals and based on the findings.

There are a variety of panels from which to choose your DNA analysis. Stephanie can assist in the best panel selection for your specific concerns and wellness goals.

Panel options include: Methylation – Foundation – Wellness, Immune and Autoimmune, Neurologic and Pscyh, Developmental, Pro7, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Chronic Pain, Neurotransmitters – Mood, Gastrointestinal, Autophagy, Detoxification, Pre-surgical considerations, Diet- Wellness, TBI- Post-Concussion, Essential Vitamins, and Pharmacogenomics.

Consultations and recommendations are limited to information regarding nutrition, wellness, and medications as pharmacist and Integrative Wellness practitioner. Pharmacogenomic results are shared with your physician and prescribers as needed in collaboration in optimizing drug therapies.

Any disease-specific and other genetic concerns will result in referral to genetic counseling and your physician.

To schedule your DNA Panel Selection and sample collection appointment with Stephanie schedule online:

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