Mobile Acupuncture Offerings

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Initial Phone Consultation (15 minutes, free) required to schedule appointment for Mobile Private or Community Sessions

Mobile Private Acupuncture Sessions in the West Denver Area (Golden, Lakewood, Morrison, Littleton, Arvada, Wheat Ridge)

Small travel fee for Denver area locations that are:

  • East of I-25
  • South of C-470
  • West of Morrison/C-470
  • North of Arvada

Receive treatment in the luxury of your own home, in recliner chair, couch, without the need to travel after treatment to help maintain a relaxed and healing state.

Mobile Acupuncture or Colorpuncture Sessions: 

One-side (front OR back) (45 minutes total treatment time with phone intake day before appointment)

Both sides (front AND back) Esoteric (75 minutes with intake and plan devised day prior to appointment)

Multiple Patient Body Treatments in same location in same visit:  Travel fee is waived plus 10% discount on all treatments during single visit.  A great option for couples, families, other groups.  Available currently only for cohabitating patients or groups who have been sheltering together.

Mobile Group (body or auricular) and Community Options

Stay tuned for upcoming Drive By Community Acupuncture Sessions.

In Your Home, Workplace, Community Center or At Your Event

You provide the space and seating.  All participants must register and sign consent forms with LyonHeart Wellness to receive treatment with our licensed acupuncturists.

Ear seeds or ear tacks “to go” are also available as an alternative to receiving retention needles.