Dream Circles

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To spread the love and joy, I am bringing in 12 people who are interested in sharing in the sacred space of an ongoing Dream Circle (virtually for now so you can be anywhere in the country or world). This initial meeting will be next Saturday, February 20, virtually, from 4 to 5pm MST. Our first meeting will contain logistics, parameters and scheduling for what will work best for the group (weekly, every other week, monthly). The first part of our meetings will be a discussion of sleep and dreaming techniques, then the rest of the meeting will be a container for sacred sharing. There is much healing and energy in sharing our dreaming in sacred space.

The ongoing Dream Circle (afterthe initial planning meeting) will be membership based with the possibility of discussion groups between our meetings. Please join us if intrigued! I will begin more than one Dream Circle if there is enough interest.

The Circles will be capped at 12 participants each.


Or schedule here: https://acusimple.com/access/3842/#/appointments/ I look forward to seeing everyone!