Ku Shen

These young straplings will grow to be 5 foot bushes, so hopefully by the time I need the space and land it will be obvious!

Chinese Herbal Medicinal
Chinese Therapeutics: Clears Heat and Dries Dampness, Dispels Wind, Kills Parasites, and Relieves Itching, Promotes Urination
Not to be used in patients with Spleen and Stomach deficiency and cold.

Pharmacological Effects:

Antiarrythmic – especially if induced by excess adrenaline or aconite poisoning.

Cardiovascular – blood vessel dilatorImmunostimulant – increases WBC in mice studies

Antibiotic – against B.dysenteriae, E. coli, Bacillus proteus, beta-hemolytic strep, and S. aureus

Antiparasitic – against trichomonas

Respiratory – stimulates beta receptors

The root is used medicinally

Sweet Basil as a Medicinal Herb

I am enjoying my currently itty bitty medicinal herbal garden. I’m planting both Chinese and Western medicinal herbs in an indoor garden and am showcasing each as they sprout or are prepared into their medicinal forms.

Today’s herb is the well-known Sweet Basil, Ocimum basilicum L., Herba Ocimi, and Jiu Ceng Ta, Lou Le (Mandarin).

Both the leaf and the seed are used medicinally. Basil has many beneficial and medicinal qualities.

Traditional Chinese Medicinal Benefits Include:

Warms the Lungs, Promotes Expectoration, Resolves Phlegm and Relieves Cough

Opens the Sinuses and Relieves Congestion.

Descends Lung Qi, Opens Chest and Relieves Wheezing.

Warms and Harmonizes Stomach, Promotes Digestion and Relieves Abdominal Pain, Settles Stomach and Stops Vomiting.

Also: Tonifies Reproductive Qi, Harmonizes Menstruation and Relieves Impotence

Restores the Nerves, Relieves Fatigue and Depression, Rescues Collapse and Revives Consciousness.

Clears Damp-Cold, Reduces Infection and Antidotes Poison, Repels Insects.

Basil certainly has quite the repertoire of health benefits!