PharmacoGenomics and Nutrigenomics and You!

Greetings! It has been wonderful to carefully connect with those who are local and to return to safe acupuncture practice in the last couple of weeks. Thank you for your support in sharing my information in referral.

Today I’m sharing a bit more on Pharmacist and Integrative Wellness services I offer through LyonHeart Wellness.

Have you ever wondered how your genetics can be affecting your need for specific nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and even your response or risk for adverse effects of pharmacological medications?

As part of my Lifestyle Modification and Medication Therapy Management services I now offer certified DNA testing (Nutrigenomics – NGx and Pharmacogenomics- PGx) and consultation with specific recommendations streamlined to your genetic results and overall lifestyle or medication goals.

What is Nutrigenomics (NGx)? The scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease. The NGx services through LyonHeart Wellness are integrated through Lifestyle Modification and Integrative Wellness appointments.

What is Pharmacogenomics (PGx)? The branch of genetics concerned with the way in which an individual’s genetic attributes affect the likely response to therapeutic pharmaceutical drugs. PGx services through LyonHeart Wellness are integrated through Medication Therapy Management for optimized drug therapy through precision medicine.

***Referrals to physicians, genetic counselors, nutritionists and other health care providers will be directed for all non-lifestyle modification, and non-medication-related genetic results.

How do I get tested and get the results and my individualized recommendations?
First, you schedule an initial consulting time with me to collect the sample via cheek swab. Together we will select which panel or panels are most appropriate for your specific questions and goals, and I will mail the sample to the lab for analysis. You will pay for the tests prior to my sending them to the lab. (Test kits are also available for drop-ship if you are not in the immediate area.)

The results are sent directly to LyonHeart Wellness when complete, usually within 2 weeks, and we will have a scheduled consultation to go over your results at which time I will provide analysis and specific recommendations based on your results and goals. Consultations are paid for at time of service, and can be completed in person, or via phone or video conference.

Find a few of the testing panels below (there are more).

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Schedule your DNA Panel(s) Selection and Sample Collection appointment (or other services) online or return an email and I make the appointment for you. I look forward to working with you!